Getting Your Site Indexed On Google

So now you have a beautiful new website.  The problem is, no-one can find it!  It hasn’t been indexed by Google.  This is naturally quite a long process, however there are a few things you can do to help speed things up.

Firstly, manually submit your site using the search console (this used to be known as web master tools).  This allows you to tell Google about your site and encourage their bots to crawl your URL.

You can utilise your blogging skills too, if you have your own blog page, why not post about your new site?  This will add quick backlinks to your site and encourage indexation that bit quicker.  In a similar vein, why not ask your friends and family to share your site on their social networks?  Links to your site from other people’s social networks is a good way to get more visibility and get bots to crawl your site.