Recent Google algorithm updates and their effects

Google are notorious for frequently updating their search algorithms.  These updates are usually in order to make improvements to the way the search algorithm works, and to make sure the right sites are getting boosted, whilst spam is being reduced.  Here’s our guide to the latest updates.


Google first introduced the Penguin algorithm in 2012 (apparently named after Batman’s villian, the Penguin).  This update emphasised the importance of reducing all types of spam, from backlinks and keywords.  It is mainly black hat SEO strategies which are hit.

  • bought links
  • link exchanges
  • unnatural link building
  • guest posting on unrelated blogs
  • keyword stuffing
  • over optmised anchor text

To get out of a penguin penalty, it is important to fix some of these issues.  In order to do so, it is important to get rid of any spam backlinks and other low quality links.  You should also try to earn high quality links from related sites and industry experts.  Making sure you naturally use keywords is a good skill as is placing anchor text naturally too.