Responsive web design – is your website mobile ready?

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablet computers to access the web and subsequent websites.  Don’t let your business be behind the times!

It is important that your website is built responsively.  This means that it will be able to automatically load to suit whichever screen size or device is loading it.  Normally, websites all load the same way, which means that some features are rendered useless on phones and other small screens.  Text appears too small to read, check boxes are pretty much impossible to click on and contact forms are too tiny to use.  However, with a responsive site, everything loads to fit your screen size.

Recently, Google have introduced an update which takes into account whether a site is responsive or not, so it is important also from an SEO point of view that your site is fully optimised for mobiles!

Web design companies like us will be able to look at your site to see if it is currently responsive or not.  If it isn’t, there are a number of things we can do to make it more responsive.