Social Media Marketing: How can you use it for your business

Social media holds a very powerful position in our lives nowadays.  Almost everyone you come accross has access to one social media profile or another!  This is why we need to use it to our advantage when marketing our businesses.

Facebook:  one of the most popular networks, facebook has evolved from college students to linking up real people with businesses and organisations which they share interests with.  Facebook has paid advertising schemes available, which you can tailor to very specific audiences.  This makes it a fantastic tool for businesses to target their audience carefully and consisely.

Twitter: great for quick updates, Twitter has been around for years.  Popular with young and old alike, and with a great celebrity fanbase, Twitter is fab for updating your network quickly.  Paid or sponsored posts enable you to target your audience effectively.

Pinterest: a photo and website sharing site where users compile their own ‘pinboards’ online, with ideas and inspiration based around chosen topics.  Great for people who have products to sell, getting pinned means a huge number of people will suddenly have sight of your products.