Why Backlinks Should Be a High Priority

You may already know, but backlinks are one of the most important SEO tools you can use.  Google and other search engines basically use backlinks as a way to tell which sites are deemed useful and relevant for certain keywords.  In fact, the link profile for a site can be worth around 60% of the overall ranking results per month!  So it is clear that it is important to have your backlinks up to scratch.

A good link profile will include links from a variety of relevant, high quality websites which link from their own pages to yours.  This sends a vote of confidence for your website which search engines use to determine how good a site is.

It is possible to buy up hundreds of links to your site, but this is seen as a high risk strategy, which could get you into a lot of bother with Google!  The quality and relevancy of your backlinks is more important than the number, so simply paying out to buy loads of links is not a good way to accumulate a tidy link profile.  This is actually seen as a blackhat technique, and could easily land you a penalty for working against the moral code of SEO.

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