Why you should hire a professional website designer

You may have seen lots of Do It Yourself style web builders online recently.  These can be a good way to quickly and easily make a simple website for yourself.  There are reasons, however, why these aren’t always the best choice for businesses.  Here are our main reasons why you should stay clear of these builders…

  1. A professional web designer can create you a truly unique site.  Just think how many millions of people might be using the same web builder template!  Yes, most of the web builders have a range of simple templates to choose from, but really, there could be millions of businesses all with very similar looking sites.  With a web designer, you can specify exactly how you want your site to look!
  2. Cost.  It might seem cheaper to build a website yourself, as a web designer can cost quite a lot, however it is not as clear cut as that.  Firstly, although a web designer will have a substantially larger fee at the outset, this is always a one off cost.  Web building programmes often charge monthly for you to keep your site running, so although you’ll spend less at the beginning, if you want your site to remain online, you have to maintain payments each and every month.
  3. Added features.  Web builders often do not include any additional features, and those you might want to use will have an additional fee added to your monthly bill.  If you were hoping to set up an online shop, it could end up  costing much more in the long run.